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Shaoxing Ruikang Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 by a group of high-level industrial specialists from north America, located at Paojiang Economic and Technological Development Zone in the beautiful Shaoxing City of triangle area. Ruikang is a designer of innovative polymeric materials functional additives and providing innovative solutions to customers, Ruikang’s innovation of polymer materials functional additives is holding the world leading positions, it shapes special materials with their high-performance functional additives and creates new usage that accelerate customer performance in polymeric materials performance and innovative materials design. Ruikang always persist to the scientific spirit of hard-working, honesty, corporation with win-win strategy and excellence. The company takes customer’s demands as the center, market need as the guidance, and quality system as the business philosophy, and provides customers with comprehensive, high-quality and professional services.

The company's high-performance long-effect high-temperature antioxidant series products, multi-functional synergistic light stabilizer products, polymer compatibilizer, polymer coupling agent and other series functional additive products can be widely applied to plastics, rubber, coatings, fiber, paint and ink and the other polymer materials. Versus the corresponding products in the worldwide market, Ruikang’s products exhibit higher performance according to the results of parallel tests with standard test codes. Therefore, Ruikang’s innovative products have broken through to the international advanced level of the industry in the field of polymer functional additives in the world. In the meantime, Ruikang always adheres to the concept of green chemistry, the original theoretical innovation, and adopts the optimized green environmental protection technology, reduce the generation of waste, and improve the comprehensive environmental protection level of natural world.

Ruikang team has never stopped our independent research and development, constantly designed, developed, optimized patent products based on the problems of customers innovation and market absence, we are constantly pursuing innovation and excellence, always design appropriate products with highly match with the specific needs of customers. Up to date, Ruikang has provided products and samples to more than 100 companies in modified plastic, engineering plastics, special engineering plastics, elastomer and coatings, which proven ruikang’s innovative additives have effectively supported our customers in their business development. Rukang's products are cost-effective, highly quality controlled.

Ruikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Keeps pursuing our long-term goal in polymer innovative functional auxiliaries, aiming to create value for the society, optimize current status of international market products , constantly provide improvement and promotion in the field of polymer functional additives with our innovation and technologies.


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Office address:No.2-1,East Qunxian Road,Paojiang Development Area,Shaoxing City, Zhengjiang Provice,China

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