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ACANOX   LTF641-High performance polymer antioxidant

Physical Form & properties

*White or Off-white powder

*Long effective High Temperature Antioxidant


*Low VOCs & low ordour,no Stench odour

*Melting Range:125-139℃

*TGA:371 (10%)

*Use to replace the formulation of B215 plus DSTDP/DLTDP or 412S

LTF641 showed 2 folds longer time in anti-thermal aging compared to B215 or B225, in addition LTF641 has outstanding anti-yellowing property.


ACANOX LTF641 is a formulation of three components with processing and long-effective high temperature antioxidants, pH is neutral. It exhibited excellent antioxidant properties, and stabilities in acidic, basic, and other contaminated environment, therefore LTF641. LTF641 provides outstanding protections to some polymer materials. It is well compatible with PP, PE, ABS, PVC as a long-acting antioxidant, as well as TPO, TPE, TPV, PS, PU, PA and their alloy materials.  LTF641 also has shown very good protection of natural color, light color with very good anti-yellowing properties.It has excellent matching with other polymer additives, such as weak alkali,weak acidic and neutral additives.This product has shown very good performance records in different polymers and it presented low odor and low VOCs during processing and usage.

Storage & Usage Amount

Storage:Under nitrogen in a sealed container at a ventilated cool warehouse

Expiry date: 48-72 months under nitrogen atmosphere after production date.

Suggested Usage Quantity:0.1-1.5%

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