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Dr. Mao Lijuan, chairman of Ruikang, was hired to become the communication member of the National Plastics Standardization Technical CommitteePublished in:2020-12-17 09:35:05

On November 24, 2020, the 2020 annual meeting and standard review meeting of the aging method branch of the National Plastics standardization committee were held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. At this meeting, Dr. Mao Lijuan, chairman of Shaoxing Ruikang biotechnology, was hired as the communication member of the aging method sub Technical Committee of the National Plastics Standardization Technical Committee (SAC / tc15 / SC5). Among the few members nationwide, Dr. Mao has the honor to become the only member of the innovative polymer functional additives and participate in the formulation of the Standards Committee mentioned above. This is not only the great recognition of Dr. Mao's personal innovation ability, but also the encouragement of the innovation work of Ruikang technical team led by Dr. Mao.


Backed by science and technology, Shaoxing Ruikang biology has focused on the research and development of new polymer materials and achieved great industrial development. It has successively applied for 22 invention patents, including three international patents and eight Chinese invention patents. The polymer functional additives developed by our company are brand-new patented technological innovation products in terms of structure and performance. It fills the gap in the development of new polymer materials for the country. In particular, the new functional mother core structure of light stabilizer completely created by the patent recently issued by Ruikang jumps out of the functional structure of tetramethylpiperidine light stabilizer that has been used for half a century, and overcomes the shortcomings of previous alkaline high catalytic thermal degradation of polymer materials.


At present, with the development of China's plastic industry, according to the relevant documents and articles of association of plastic standardization issued by the state, Dr. Mao and his Ruikang team under his leadership will more firmly grasp the basic knowledge, abide by the relevant articles of association of the technical committee, actively participate in the standardization activities organized by the technical committee, earnestly perform the duties and obligations of the members, and contribute to the plastic standard industry.

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