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Ruikang Biotechnology: research and development of high-end additives, promising market prospectsPublished in:2020-12-15 11:00:57

Recently, Ruikang biotechnology, located in Doumen street, welcomed a group of R & D personnel from Zhejiang guxiandao Green Fiber Co., Ltd. to seek new high-performance additives used in the production of functional fibers. The fiber products developed by Ruikang biotechnology, such as anti yellowing and anti-aging additives, have aroused great interest of guxiandao company.


Yang Zhichao, chief engineer of Zhejiang guxiandao Green Fiber Co., Ltd., said that the polyester industrial yarn produced by guxiandao company is mainly used in military industry, fire control and ocean. Current customers have put forward some special requirements in these fields, such as corrosion resistance in the ocean, military aerospace processing of static electricity, signal transmission and other issues. They hope to cooperate with Ruikang technology company to form some special varieties of functional additives.


According to Dr. Mao Lijuan, chairman of Ruikang biology, at present, the application of functional additives for polymer materials covers almost all aspects of people's production and life, ranging from leather, fiber, coating and carpet to automobile, household appliances and aerospace. It is precisely because of the addition of these functional additives that the strength, hardness and other properties of product materials, as well as service life, shape and color can be guaranteed. For example, if some plastic products do not add functional additives, they will be powdered and broken quickly under the action of daily light and heat, and the function of the products will become empty talk. However, over the years, these functional additives almost completely rely on imports, and the international price is high. For example, the price of light stabilizer used in the production of some high-end materials has reached 500000 to 1 million yuan per ton.


At present, Ruikang biology has successfully developed hundreds of varieties of high-performance additives such as anti yellowing agent, light stabilizer, antioxidant, blending agent and coupling agent, and has obtained eight national invention patents, three international patents, one patent from the United States and one patent from Japan, and 14 national issued patents are in the process of approval. Enterprises have also participated in the formulation of national plastic aging standards. Among them, the newly developed steric adjustable light stabilizer overturns the functional structure of tetramethylpiperidine light stabilizer used in the United States and Japan for half a century, and can be applied to PVC, PC, polyester and other fields for the first time. It has superior light stability, color fastness, degradability and other properties, better product protection, and the overall service life is increased by more than 10%. More importantly, this innovative product will significantly lower the price and become more competitive in the market. At present, the market level of domestic functional additives can reach more than 100 billion, and the prospect is very promising. At present, Ruikang biological products have been produced in small quantities. It is expected that in the next stage, after the production capacity, site and other factors are in place, the sales will increase explosively.


Zhou Lingling, chairman of Yuecheng science and Technology Association, told reporters that first-class materials need first-class additives. Ruikang biology can not only make its own industrial chain bigger, but also help many of our plastic related material enterprises, including textile enterprises, to improve the function of materials and realize transformation and upgrading.

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