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ACSORB LT723-Light stabilizer & light absorber

Physical Form & properties

LT723 is white or light-yellow powder formulation, UV Light Stabilizer with light adsorption, anti-yellowing & anti-oxidation properties.

*it's suitable for PP, PE, ABS, TPO, PMME, PBT, PS, ect.

*Low VOCs & No Stench Oder during process

*Melting Range55-157℃

*It's suitable to replace v703 and so on.


ACASORB LT723 is an excellent long effect UV stabilizer with UV-light adsorption, anti-yellowing & anti- antioxidation properties. pH is near 7.8-8.4, it has exhibited excellent performance in high moisture, acidic, basic and polluted environment. It's suitable for PP, PE, PVC, TPO, TPE, TPU, ASB, PS, PU, PA. It contains processing antioxidant, long-act high temperature antioxidant and UV light stabilizers & UV absorber, this product thus presented excellent protective properties for polymer materials. It is suitable for long term protection for dark or black polymer materials. LT723 has low VOCs and low odor during all processing and services of polymer materials. It is very compatible with all other polymer additives and different sensitive polymer materials.

Storage & Usage Amount

Storage:Under nitrogen in a sealed container at a ventilated cool Warehouse

Expiry date: 18-24 months under nitrogen after production date.

Suggested Usage Quantity: 0.1-1.3%

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